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Founded in 1990, DriveTeam has graduated over 25,000 students. From teen drivers to police, fire and emergency teams to corporations and seniors. -Turning Driving Into a Skill


    Performance Based Training for teen drivers.
    Exceeding the State of Ohio standards:

    Performance Based Driver Education
    Advanced 2-Day Skills
    4-Hour Teen Winter Skills
    Teen Driving Assessments

  • CORP

    Reduces corporate crashes, saves lives, saves money, and is the best safety message a President can make! DriveTeam offers 3 tiers of Corporate Training:

    Hands-On Core Programs
    Load Securement
    Winter Skills

  • E.R.O.C.

    Emergency Response Operations Courses

    Our Police, Fire, and EMT’s deserve all the education and training they can get. Our curriculum offers advancement and is a guide for reducing injury and/or death.


    We receive requests for Senior Driver assessments from families, friends, businesses, physicians, attorneys, and judges. Comprehensive report provided.

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