Comprehensive ATV Riders Course

Managing ATV/UTV Risk for: Corporations, Oil and Gas, Police, Fire, Park Rangers, Military, and Airport Security

Since 1990 we have provided all facets of driving skills training to students and professionals.


This course is a hands-on training course designed to improve Rider Safety through Knowledge, Skills and Decision Making.


This training covers: protective gear, pre-trip, riding techniques, environmental issues, laws, loading, load securement and trailering.

Participants will complete this course with the understanding of:

  1. Risk Awareness and Managing Risk
  2. Protective Clothing and ATV Controls
  3. Mounting, Posture, Starting, Shifting, Braking
  4. Turning, Swerving, Stopping
  5. Riding and Terrain Strategies
  6. Flat riding, hills, trail obstacles, and stream crossing
  7. Understand and reinforce Simple & Complex Dynamics
  8. Controlled Trail Ride and Instructor Observation
  9. Loading, CMV Load Securement and Trailering


Baseline Course – 1 Day, 8 hours (includes objectives 1-7)

Advanced Baseline Course – 2 Day, 16 hours (includes objectives 1-9


Participants will take a 100 question written exam and will be evaluated by a Licensed Instructor in 15 areas of riding proficiency before they will receive their Certificate of Completion.


Books, Tests, Certificates, Coffee/Donuts and Lunch are Included and provided by DriveTeam, Inc.
ALL PPE, ATV’s, UTV’s must be provided or rented by client.