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Hands-On Driver Training School with Divisons in Teen, Corp, Police/Fire, Senior, Clinical

Corporate Driver Training

Baseline, Advanced, ProDriver, Team Building, and Refresher Courses

Winter Skills Clinic

Ohio’s one of a kind 4 hour winter driving clinic teaching skid recovery, crash avoidance, and braking techniques


Emergency Response Operations Courses for Police Departments


Emergency Response Operations Courses for Fire Departments


Performance Based Training for teen drivers.Exceeding the State of Ohio standards:Performance Based Driver Education, Advanced 2-Day Skills, 4-Hour Teen Winter Skills, Teen Driving Assessments!


Reduces corporate crashes, saves lives, saves money, and is the best safety message a President can make! DriveTeam offers many Advanced Corporate Training Programs. Hands-On Core Programs, Load Securement, Winter Skills


Emergency Response Operations Courses. Our Police, Fire, and EMT’s deserve all the education and training they can get. Our curriculum offers advancement and is a guide for reducing injury and/or death.


We receive requests for Senior Driver assessments from families, friends, businesses, physicians, attorneys, and judges. Comprehensive report provided.

Featured Program: Winter Skills Clinic

The DriveTeam Winter Skills Clinic is the only one of its kind in Ohio and teaches adults and teens the skills necessary to drive safely through the winter.


Founded in 1990, DriveTeam has graduated over 50,000 students. From teen drivers to police, fire and emergency teams to corporations and seniors. DriveTeam can create wet or dry skid pad area for braking, ABS, traction control devices, and electronic control units. Our road system makes “vehicle dynamics area” very unique! From half moon backing skills to s-curves… DriveTeam offers 73 different courses in our five divisions.

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Tips for Acing Your Driving Exam

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Driving Laws and Teen Safety

Driving Laws and Teen Safety

Teens getting behind the wheel can be a nerve-wracking time for parents due to the potential dangers for young, inexperienced drivers. After all, information from the CDC shows that the risk of motor vehicle crashes is among the highest for teen drivers. In fact,...