Corporate Driver Training

Driving Motor Crashes Down
Each one of our hands-on driver training programs are specifically designed for your business,
and the situations your ProDrivers face each day


During our Baseline training courses we are training to enhance the the skill sets of each ProDriver.  We are focusing on backing, stationary objects, vehicle safety systems, proper braking techniques, and simple vehicle dynamics.


Advanced training is designed to build upon the skill-sets of baseline.  We continue to focus on backing and stationary objects, while developing the drivers understanding of weight transfer, and complex vehicle dynamics, to further develop the decision making process of your ProDrivers.


Our ProDriver training takes vehicle knowledge, driver skill-set, and professional decision making to a high level.  Through our Skid Vehicles, we are able to put drivers into dynamic situations to understand braking, vehicle dynamics, and weight transfer in ways they can minimize their every day driving risk whether it is perfectly clear and sunny, or a white-out blizzard.


If snow, rain, terrain, or vehicle dynamics is high priority for your ProDrivers, then our winter skills program is specifically designed for that.  With our skid vehicles (Car, SUV, Van, truck, Semi) we have the ability to change the environment your drivers are operating in throughout the year.  We will be teaching simple and complex dynamics, skid avoidance, skid recovery, and proper braking techniques to improve their driving safety throughout Fall, Winter, and early Spring.


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations: This course is designed for ProDrivers and employers to understand the responsibility and liabilities of operating commercial vehicles under the laws of Federal Motor Carrier enforcement and the Department of Transportation.


Cargo Securement training is designed for both classroom and hands-on securement.  We want drivers to understand what is necessary for equipment to be hauled or towed safely and legally.  They will go through the standards set by the government, as well as the effects to the dynamics of their vehicle or truck & trailer combination when adding cargo.


Our new employee training is designed for classroom and hands-on driving to set the standards of what it means to be a ProDriver for your team and business.  These courses are specifically designed around your equipment, driving territory, and the policies & procedures expected for your new ProDriver.


The trailer training program is designed to enhance, or develop the skills of hauling a trailer for your ProDriver.  We are focused on backing, steering, stationary objects, intersections, and the changes in vehicle dynamics when we begin towing our companies equipment.

We have specifically designed programs for your companies needs: new equipment, unique vehicles, specific departments, or any specific needs of your ProDrivers!