Fire Division

E.R.O.C. Red – Fire Division

DriveTeam is pleased to announce our Fire Academy Basic Firefighter and Advanced Firefighter, 16-hour compliance programs. In accordance with Ohio Administrative Code, DriveTeam has created a comprehensive 8-hour classroom that covers NFPA 1002, NFPA 1451, and NFPA 1500. Additionally, our Ohio Revised Code content is taught by OPOTA certified instructors. Our 8-hour practical hands-on driving exercises exceed the minimum standards. Plus, our Road Driving Exercise insures compliance while providing real-world experience.Classes can be at our new DriveTeam facility in Cuyahoga Falls or at any Academy facility that has suitable space for training. We can offer you a full turnkey curriculum.

Why Are We The Best?

EROC Mission

Our program focuses on raising the skill and safety level of any Firefighter that trains with the E.R.O.C. Division.

EROC Skills

Weight Transfer, Braking Techniques, ABS, Threshold Braking, Driver/Vehicle Limits, Advanced Vehicle Dynamics, Safe and Effective Emergency Response Driving, and Proactive and Reactive Driving with our SkidSystem.

The DriveTeam Promise

To increase your diving skills through proven curriculum and hands-on driver training.

Basic Firefighter

4 Hours of Classroom
NFPA Standard 1002
NFPA Standard 1451
NFPA Standard 1500
4 Hours of Practical, Hands-On Driving – Squads & Apparatus
NFPA Standards
Requirements in NFPA 1500

Advanced Firefighter

2 Hours Classroom- Vehicle Dynamics
6 Hours of Practical, Hands-On Driving – Squads & Apparatus
Backing Skills
Braking Skills
ABS Systems
Simple & Complex Dynamics
Crash Avoidance
Weight Transfer

Pro Firefighter

Evasive Maneuvering
Threshold/ABS Braking Techniques
Vehicle Dynamics

Advanced Emergency Response

3 Firefighters = 1.5 Hour Time Blocks:
Threshold Braking
Vehicle Dynamics
Weight Transfer

Refresher Firefighter

Review Ohio Revised Codes
Vehicle Dynamics/Weight Transfer
Range Testing

Academy Programs

• NFPA 1002 – Driver/Operation
• NFPA 1451 – Standards
• NFPA 1500 – Safety
• Ohio Revised Code

Practical Hands-On Driving

• Daily Inspection
• Forward & Reverse Serpentine
• Diminishing Clearance
• Alley Dock – Left & Right
• Three Point TurnaroundRoad Driving Exercise

E.R.O.C. Red Schedule

Spring 2022

Dates TBD