DriveTeam Performance Based Driver Education Program FAQ’s

Your exit can be scheduled after your last in-car (BTW) and the instructor has recommend that you are ready to complete the program.

We highly recommend that in between our in-car lessons with you, that you continue to practice your driving at home with at least ten hours along with what your instructor has advised you to work on.

We scheduled lessons no more than once a week (preferably ten days to two weeks) so that you can get your recommended practice time at home.

You may call the office after you have completed your classroom sessions. We will then together come up with a compatible schedule for your lessons.

An appropriate snack is acceptable for you to bring to class and available to you during break time.

We encourage you to do your best to attend all your lessons assigned to your particular session.If you need to miss one, please call the office to make arrangements to attend another date.

This is a performance based program. You will advance through each phase of this program after demonstrating proficiency at each level before progressing to the next.