Police Division

E.R.O.C. Blue – Police Division

Since 1994, Drive Team Inc. has trained police officers and sheriff’s deputies from 120 law enforcement agencies across the State of Ohio. Training in Emergency Response and Pursuit Driving, has been conducted through Drive Team’s Emergency Response Operations Courses (E.R.O.C.) division. Results of this training have shown a decrease in vehicle crashes and an increase in officer and public safety. All courses are ONE DAY and the cost is $295 per officer.

Why Are We The Best?

EROC Mission

Our program focuses on raising the skill and safety level of any Police Officer that trains with the E.R.O.C. Division.

EROC Skills

Evasive Maneuvering, Braking Techniques, ABS, Threshold Braking, Driver/Vehicle Limits, Advanced Vehicle Dynamics, Safe and Effective Emergency Response Driving, and Proactive and Reactive Driving with our SkidSystem.

The DriveTeam Promise

To increase your diving skills through proven curriculum and hands-on driver training.

Pursuit Supervision

Ohio Revised Code
Pursuit Management
Policy Decisions
Liability Issues
Multi-Jurisdictional Pursuits
Pursuit Case Studies

Pursuit Operations

Multiple Pursuit Driving Scenarios
Liability Issues
Multi-Jurisdictional Pursuits
Pursuit Case Studies

Essential Emergency Response

Evasive Maneuvering
Threshold/ABS Braking Techniques
Vehicle Dynamics

Advanced Emergency Response

Multiple Pursuit Driving Scenarios
Liability Issues
Multi-Jurisdictional Pursuits
Pursuit Case Studies

Skills Recovery/Winter Skills

Proactive and Reactive Driving
Preventing Correction
Slalom, Corners, Backing
Threshold/ABS Braking Techniques
Vehicle Dynamics
SkidCar, SkidVan, Skid Recovery, Skid Avoidance
ESC, Traction Control, Driver Limitations
Driver Limitations
Certificate of Completion

E.R.O.C. Blue Schedule

Spring 2021

We are currently working on the Spring 2021 Dates.
Contact us with any immediate questions

Summer 2020

7-30-20 – Pursuit Supervision
8-5-20 – Essential Emergency Response
8-6-20 – Essential Emergency Response
8-11-20  – Adv. Emergency Response
8-12-20 – Adv. Emergency Response
8-13-20 – Advanced Night (4pm-12am)
8-19-20 – Pursuit Operations Course
8-20-20 – Pursuit Operations Course

Fall 2020-21

9-3-20 – Essential Emergency Response
9-9-20 – Adv. Emergency Response
9-16-20 – Pursuit Operations Course
9-17-20 – Pursuit Operations Course
9-23-20 – Advanced Night (4pm-12am)
10-6-20 – Essential Emergency Response
10-7-20 – Essential Emergency Response
10-14-20 – Adv. Emergency Response
10-15-20 – Adv. Emergency Response
10-20-20 – Pursuit Operations Course
10-21-20 – Pursuit Operations Course
10-27-20 – Winter Skills
10-28-20 – Advanced Night (4pm-12am)
11-5-20 – Pursuit Supervision
11-10-20 – Essential Emergency Response
11-17-20 – Winter Skills
11-18-20 – Adv. Emergency Response
11-24-20 – Pursuit Operations Course
12-8-20 – Winter Skills
12-9-20 – Winter Skills
12-10-20 – Winter Skills

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