E.R.O.C. Blue -Police Division

Since 1994, Drive Team Inc. has trained police officers and sheriff’s deputies from 120 law enforcement agencies across the State of Ohio. Training in Emergency Response and Pursuit Driving, has been conducted through Drive Team’s Emergency Response Operations Courses (E.R.O.C.) division. Results of this training have shown a decrease in vehicle crashes and an increase in officer and public safety. All courses are ONE DAY and the cost is $295 per officer.

Why Are We The Best?

Our program focuses on raising the skill and safety level of any Police Officer that trains with the E.R.O.C. Division.
Evasive Maneuvering, Braking Techniques, ABS, Threshold Braking, Driver/Vehicle Limits, Advanced Vehicle Dynamics, Safe and Effective Emergency Response Driving, and Proactive and Reactive Driving with our SkidSystem.
To increase your diving skills through proven curriculum and hands-on driver training.

Pursuit Supervision

Ohio Revised Code
Pursuit Management
Policy Decisions
Liability Issues
Multi-Jurisdictional Pursuits
Pursuit Case Studies

Pursuit Operations Driving

Multiple Pursuit Driving Scenarios
Liability Issues
Multi-Jurisdictional Pursuits
Pursuit Case Studies

Essential Emergency Response

Evasive Maneuvering
Threshold/ABS Braking Techniques
Vehicle Dynamics

Advanced Emergency Response

–This Course is also offered at night from 4pm – 12am

Ohio Revised Code
Pursuit Management
Driver/Vehicle Limitations
Advanced Vehicle Dynamics
Safe and Effective Emergency Driving

Skid Recovery/Winter Skills

Proactive and Reactive Driving
Preventing Correction
Slalom, Corners, Backing
Threshold/ABS Braking Techniques
Vehicle Dynamics
SkidCar, SkidVan, Skid Recovery, Skid Avoidance
ESC, Traction Control, Driver Limitations
Driver Limitations
Certificate of Completion

E.R.O.C. Blue Schedule

Spring 2019

2-27-2019 – Pursuit Supervision
3-2-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
3-3-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
4-9-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
4-10-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
4-18-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
5-7-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
5-8-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
5-15-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
5-16-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
5-21-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
5-22-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
5-29-2019 – Advanced Night

Summer 2019

6-4-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
6-5-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
6-12-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
6-13-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
6-18-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
6-19-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
6-26-2019 – Advanced Night
8-1-2019 – Pursuit Supervision
8-6-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
8-7-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
8-14-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
8-15-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
8-20-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
8-21-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
8-28-2019 – Advanced Night

Fall 2019

9-10-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
9-11-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
9-18-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
9-19-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
9-24-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
9-25-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
10-2-2019 – Advanced Night
10-8-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
10-9-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
10-16-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
10-17-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
10-22-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
10-23-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course
10-29-2019 – Pursuit Supervision
11-5-2019 – Essential Emergency Response
11-12-2019 – Adv Emergency Response
11-13-2019 – Advanced Night
11-20-2019 – Pursuit Operations Course

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2019 E.R.O.C. Blue Courses

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E.R.O.C. Instructor Bios

Larry Rutherford
Larry RutherfordDirector
Cleveland Police Department, Traffic Commissioner (Retired). He is a 30 year law enforcement veteran with experience as an OPOTA Driving Instructor and an OPOTA Train the Trainer Certification. Larry has vast experience in teaching including OPOTA Basic Academics and was Officer in Charge of Training, Cleveland Police Academy. He is also Lieutenant Colonel, US Army National Guard, Military Police (Retired), 25 year veteran..
Steve Thornton
Steve ThorntonInstructor
Chief, Wooster Police Department (retired). Veteran of 35 years in Law Enforcement, serving as a Patrolman, Sergeant and Lieutenant. Promoted to Chief in 1988 and retired in 2007. Certifed OPOTA Instructor and Instructor for SFST. He is a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership College, the FBI’s Great Lakes Leadership Seminar and a member of OACP’s Advisory Services, providing promotional testing for departments statewide. He has conducted classes for the University of Akron and the Hudson and Wooster Police Departments. He is currently a part time instructor for the University of Akron’s Police Academy.
Dave Schultz
Dave SchultzLead Instructor
Dave has been an instructor with DriveTeam for 11 years, working in the EROC Police and Fire Divisions as well as the Corporate Division. Dave is a 26 year veteran of the Bay Village Police Department. He is assigned to the patrol division and is the in-service Emergency Vehicle Operation instructor for the department. He also served a prominent role in researching and authoring the Bay Village Police Department Emergency Response and Pursuit policies. Dave is OPOTA certified as a Basic and Tactical Driving Instructor. He is also certified as a Stinger Spike Systems instructor. Dave has attended courses at OPOTA in Tactical Driving and Pursuit Intervention Techniques. He has completed a course in Pursuit Management offered by Blackwater Inc. Dave has attended several High Performance Driving and Stock Car Driving schools at Michigan Speedway and Mid-Ohio. He has completed several Solo II racing schools hosted by the Akron Sports Car Club. Dave is a former short track stock car racer and is currently active in Solo II racing with the Northern Ohio Racing Association. .
Donn Heckelmoser,
Donn Heckelmoser,Instructor
Lieutenant Westlake Police Department (retired). Donn is a 28-year law enforcement veteran and has been teaching Police Driver’s Training for his own department and various Basic Police Academies throughout the area since 1978. He is certified as a Basic and Advanced Driver Trainer. His training also includes A.L.E.R.T. International, General Motor’s Advanced Accident Avoidance Techniques, Trac Time’s High Speed Vehicle Handling, Vehicle Dynamics and Handling at the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Transportation Research Center, coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator and Use of Force and High Speed Pursuits and certification in SkidCar instruction.
Kerry Shaw
Kerry ShawInstructor
Police Officer with 18 years of service for the Aurora Police Department. Kerry attended EROC training in June of 2003 and just completed a 40 hour Tactical Driving School in London, Ohio. Kerry has been an instructor for Drive Team since the spring of 2007.
Barbara L. Slepecky
Barbara L. SlepeckyInstructor
Barb retired from the Bay Village Police Department after 34 years of service. She was involved in training for most of her career and held several positions including Field Training Officer, ADAP Instructor and Training Supervisor. In addition, she was certified as an instructor through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council and taught various law enforcement classes at Cuyahoga Community College. Barb joined DriveTeam as a driving instructor in 2011.