PBDE - Full Teen Program

Performance Based Driver Education Program (PBDE)

DriveTeam’s four-level, state-licensed program far exceeds Ohio’s minimum requirements for driver education. Students advance through each level of this 46-hour program at their own pace. They are required to demonstrate proficiency at each level before progressing to the next.

Level One: Vehicle Dynamics

2-Day Vehicle Dynamics Course Hands-On Skills Training in a Controlled Environment (Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 4pm) Students are required to have a (family) vehicle for this phase of the program.

Level Two: Academics of Driving

Classroom Sessions to Learn Traffic Laws, Signs, and Responsibilities of Driving. Classroom sessions are held the following two Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:45pm to 9:00pm after Level One: Vehicle Dynamics weekend.

Level Three: On the Road, In-Car Instruction

Six Driving Lessons in Residential, Rural, City, Downtown, and Highway Settings (Each lesson reinforced by mandatory behind the wheel parent/teen practice sessions.)

Level Four: Exit Appointment

For students and their parents, this appointment includes a performance review, maneuverability practice, and state driving test preparation. A state-authorized Certificate of Completion is awarded, a parent/teen driving contract is provided, and tips for a crash-free and ticket-free first year are presented.

Performanced Based Driver Education: $895.00


FULL January - November 2024
FULL December 7-8, 2024
FULL January 4-5, 2025
FULL January 18-19, 2025
FULL February 1-2, 2025
FULL February 15-16, 2025
FULL March 1-2, 2025
OPEN March 15-16, 2025
OPEN March 29-30, 2025

DriveTeam Main Office: 330.922.3100