E.R.O.C. - Emergency Response Operations Courses

E.R.O.C. Blue: Police

Since 1994, Drive Team Inc. has trained police officers and sheriff’s deputies from 120 law enforcement agencies across the State of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and other States across the U.S. Training in Emergency Response and Pursuit Driving, has been conducted through Drive Team’s Emergency Response Operations Courses (E.R.O.C.) division. Results of this training have shown a decrease in vehicle crashes and an increase in officer and public safety. All courses are ONE DAY and the cost is $295 per officer.

Current Blue Courses:

Pursuit Supervision
Pursuit Operations Driving
Essential Emergency Response
Advanced Emergency Response
Half-Day Skid Recovery/Avoidance 


E.R.O.C. (Emergency Response Operations Courses) are designed to train firefighters in practical, hands-on driving utilizing squads & apparatus.

Expanded Red Courses:

Basic Firefighter, Advanced Firefighter, Pro Firefighter, Refresher

Academy Training

Basic Firefighter
Advance Firefighter