Advanced Emergency Response Training

In the high-octane world of emergency response and pursuit driving, precision, speed, and safety are paramount. Over the years, DriveTeam’s E.R.O.C. (Emergency Response Operation Courses) Division has emerged as a trusted name, consistently delivering top-notch training to law enforcement professionals across the nation.

Spanning Regions and Delivering Results

DriveTeam’s E.R.O.C. Division boasts an impressive track record, having trained police officers and sheriff’s deputies hailing from over 120 law enforcement agencies. These agencies are not only scattered across the State of Ohio but also span Western Pennsylvania and numerous other states in the U.S.

The core focus of these training sessions revolves around Emergency Response and Pursuit Driving. And the results speak for themselves. Following the completion of these specialized courses, there’s been a notable decline in vehicle crashes and, even more importantly, a marked enhancement in the safety of both officers and the general public.

Convenient and Comprehensive Advanced Emergency Response Training

Understanding the busy schedules of law enforcement professionals, DriveTeam ensures that their courses are both efficient and comprehensive. Each course is meticulously designed to cover the breadth of required knowledge – all in just ONE DAY.

The Advanced Emergency Response Course: A Step Above

DriveTeam is elated to share that its Advanced Emergency Response Course has been approved for Continuing Professional Training (CPT) accreditation. This accolade stands as a testament to the course’s quality and relevance in the evolving field of emergency response driving.

Participants of the Advanced Emergency Response Course can look forward to a holistic training experience that encompasses:

  • Classroom Learning: Fundamental principles and advanced theories are imparted to trainees in an interactive classroom environment.
  • Simple Vehicle Dynamics: Grasp the basics of how vehicles move and respond.
  • Complex Vehicle Dynamics: Dive deeper into the intricate ways vehicles operate under various conditions.
  • Weight Transfer: Understand the critical role of weight distribution in a vehicle’s movement.
  • Advanced Braking Techniques: Master the art of rapid deceleration without compromising control.
  • Cornering: Navigate sharp turns and bends with precision.
  • Driving Physics: Get to know the science behind the speed, momentum, and balance.
  • Professional Decision Making: Because being behind the wheel in high-pressure situations requires not just skill, but also impeccable judgment.

In conclusion, for those in law enforcement seeking holistic, effective, and time-efficient training in emergency response and pursuit driving, DriveTeam’s E.R.O.C. Division stands out as the premier choice. With their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, officers are guaranteed not only improved driving skills but also an enhanced understanding of the responsibilities that come with being on the road.

EROC: Advanced Emergency Response Training is Open!

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