Brake inspectionCommercial vehicle inspectors sidelined approximately 4,300 trucks across the U.S., Canada and Mexico for brake-related violations as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week held this summer.

Inspectors across North America conducted 35,764 commercial vehicle inspections during the week-long enforcement blitz held Aug. 22-28. Fifty Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions, and Mexico’s National Guard and Ministry of Communications and Transportation participated in this year’s Brake Safety Week, which is a voluntary initiative.

The out-of-service rate related to brakes in the U.S. was 13.5% out of the 28,694 commercial motor vehicles inspected (3,874 trucks). In Canada, 1,903 commercial motor vehicles were inspected with a brake-related out-of-service rate of 15.4% (293 trucks). And in Mexico, 5,167 inspections were conducted with a brake-specific out-of-service rate of 2.6% (134 trucks).

In total, 12% of the 35,764 trucks inspected across North America were placed out-of-service for brake-related violations.

Additionally, inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. recorded 5,667 brake hose chafing violations, which are a common brake-related violation, whether out-of-service or not. Inspectors reported brake hose chafing violations in five different categories, illustrating levels of chafing severity, including two which are out-of-service conditions, and submitted that data to CVSA.