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We periodically share important news, like the latest update from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).

Inspectors will be focusing on brake safety again this September when the CVSA’s annual Brake Safety Week takes place September 11th through 17th.

Throughout the country, law enforcement agencies will conduct inspections on commercial vehicles to look for out-of-adjustment brakes, and brake system and anti-lock braking system violations during the week.

Inspectors will be keeping an eye out for “loose or missing parts, air or hydraulic fluid leaks, worn linings, pads, drums or rotors, and other faulty brake system components.” Inspectors will also be checking ABS malfunction indicator lights to make sure they’re in working order, CVSA says.

In 2015, inspectors designated 2,321 of the 18,817 vehicles inspected ‘out-of-service’ during the week for brake violations – a 12.3 percent out-of-service rate.

Most inspections occurring during the week will be full Level I inspections, according to CVSA, and 10 jurisdictions will be using performance-based brake testing to measure braking efficiency.

Remember that commercial motor vehicle brakes are built to withstand harsh road conditions, but they must be regularly inspected and maintained. Without proper maintenance, braking efficiency can be compromised and the distance required to stop will increase.

Brake Safety Week is part of CVSA’s Operation Airbrake program in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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