driving test tipsAs new drivers get ready to take their driving test, the nerves might start to set in. Many teens think that failing the driving test the first time around is normal because it’s often considered the most difficult part of getting your license. But by being properly prepared, you can ace that driving test and get out there on the road on your own.

Driving Test Tips-How to Pass on the First Try

There are a few things you should do to prepare for your driving test, starting with taking Drive Team’s Teen Performance Based Driver Education Program (PBDE). This full program provides comprehensive training for teens both off and on the roads, ensuring that they are learning the skills they need to be responsible drivers. Once you’ve completed all four levels of the program, you’ll feel ready to take that driving test.

Here are a few other driving test tips to keep in mind as the testing day approaches:

  • Practice, practice, practice. Before you schedule your driving test, make sure you’ve gotten in a lot of practice time with an experienced driver. Find an empty parking lot so you can master your braking, steering, and backing skills and then take those skills out on the roads. Ask the licensed driver with you for feedback, and take their constructive criticism to heart so you know what areas you need to focus on.  By practicing the correct methods of driving, you are setting yourself up for success!
  • Know the latest traffic rules. Even if you’ve already aced the written part of the test, a good driving test tip is to be confident that you know all the rules of the road. The more you practice and study, the more these rules will become second nature.
  • Be comfortable in the car you’ll drive in the test. If you’ve been practicing driving in a certain vehicle, make sure that’s the car you use in the test. Make sure all the mirrors are adjusted for your view and know how all the basic controls in the car work, like the defroster, the heat or a/c, the hazards, etc.
  • Pay attention to speed. When you’re taking the test, it’s vital that you watch for those speed limit signs! Your examiner will probably take you through different streets with different speed limits, so make sure you’re aware when a speed limit has changed from 35 mph to 25 mph, and vice versa. Don’t drive too fast- or too slow.
  • Use your mirrors. When backing up or changing lanes, make sure you’re checking those mirrors that you’ve adjusted. Your examiner will want to see that you know how to use them, whether you’re backing up or changing lanes. Check your mirrors quickly after every turn, too.
  • Be observant of other drivers. This is a driving test tip that will be as important during your test as it is when you’re a licensed driver. Always be aware of other drivers around you. You may be a safe, confident driver but that doesn’t mean the person in the lane next to you is. Check your blind spots and try to watch the road both in front of you and behind you, especially when it’s time to brake.  Keeping your vision down the road, beside you, and in your mirrors will continually decrease your chances of having a problem and avoid mistakes by other drivers.
  • Try to relax. Taking your driving test can certainly be a nerve-wracking experience, but if you’ve completed the proper training and practiced often, you shouldn’t have any problem passing. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your test, eat a good breakfast, and don’t obsess over it. Set yourself up for success!

Drive Team offers some of the best teen driving classes to help you feel confident and in control of your vehicle the day of your driving test, and as your begin your travels as a new licensed driver. Contact us today to begin your driving journey!