Maneuverability Tips and Techniques


This maneuverability exercise is meticulously crafted to help drivers grasp the concepts of correct vehicle rotation and pivot. It emphasizes the importance of effectively utilizing your mirrors, especially when backing up, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s positioning and movement. This not only enhances driving skills but also bolsters safety measures on the road.

Maneuverability Method:

  • Pull to the first two cones and stop with your front bumper even between them.
  • Pull forward. When your side mirrors are even with the second set of two cones turn the wheel one-half turn in the direction you are instructed to go (right or left).
  • When the vehicle will clear the center cone straighten the wheel.
  • When your side mirror is even with the point cone turn the wheel one-half turn towards the point cone.
  • When the back tires can clear the point cone without hitting it straighten the wheel and continue forward until the vehicle is straight and within two feet of the center cone and stop.
  • Put the vehicle in reverse.
  • Turn the wheel one-half turn toward the point cone.
  • If you are on the right side of the center cone look in the right mirror or
  • If you are on the left side of the center cone look in the left mirror. 
  • Start backing.
  • Look for two cones, left or right side, to appear in the mirror and there is a little space between the cone and your tire.
  • Straighten the wheel and continue backing.
  • When your rear tire, depends on which side you are on, can clear the cone turn the wheel one half turn towards that cone.
  • Continue backing, using your mirrors until you are even between the cones on both sides.
  • Straighten the wheel and stop when your front bumper is within two feet of the first set of two cones

Maneuverability Tips:

  • Don’t over steer
  • Stop if necessary, re-acclimate your surroundings, then continue through Maneuverability

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In conclusion, the maneuverability driving test is a pivotal assessment of a driver’s skill in handling their vehicle with precision and awareness. From the initial approach to the cones to the meticulous use of mirrors when backing up, each step is crucial for demonstrating control and comprehension of the vehicle’s movements. The method outlined provides a structured approach to navigating the exercise successfully. Moreover, it’s essential to remember the foundational tips: avoiding over-steering and taking a moment to pause and reassess if needed. By approaching this test with patience, attention to detail, and practice, you’ll be better equipped to showcase your driving prowess and safety on the roads. For more clarification check out resources from the Ohio BMV website.

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