By Tricia Bell, Reporter – bioemail

West Ohio Gas employees learn some safe driving strategies, but the tips can be used by anyone driving in harsh conditions.

Employees for the gas company rack up about a million miles collectively over the course of a year serving customers in a nine county area.

So, the company holds driver training courses to give workers some extra help in avoiding collisions.

Some of the tips include slowing down, clearing off all windows and mirrors, and letting your car warm up.

Also know how to use your brakes properly.

DriveTeam, Inc. instructor Ken Stout says there’s major differences in how anti-lock brakes work compared to standard brakes.

Winter Driving Tips

  • If a vehicle has anti-lock brakes and the car is sliding, keep the brake pedal down until you come to a stop.
  • Pumping on the brakes, like many people were taught, will cause the ABS brake system to not work as effectively.
  • Stout says anti-lock brakes along with other technological advances in many newer vehicles, such as traction control and electronic stability control, are helpful in the winter weather.