DriveTeam AkronEvery day, millions of people drive or ride in a vehicle as part of their occupations. These individuals are at an increased risk of crashes over others, no matter what types of vehicles they operate. In fact, according to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of work-related deaths in the United States. These crashes are not limited to drivers in occupations like the trucking industry, either. 55% of workers who died in car accidents in 2017 were not employed in motor vehicle operator jobs.

This means it’s more important than ever that corporate or commercial drivers are properly trained in safe driving techniques. Providing comprehensive driver training is one of the best things an organization can do to ensure employees stay safe on the road.

The Benefits of Corporate Driver Training with DriveTeam

DriveTeam’s corporate driver training has helped reduce corporate motor vehicle crashes by 35% or greater annually. We take pride in the fact that our programs turn drivers into professionals ready to handle any situation when they’re behind the wheel. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and love being in the air this time of year, here are five things to love about our corporate driver training programs:

  1. We offer a variety of courses based on your business’s individual needs. Our programs are specifically designed for your business and the situations your employees face every day. From our Baseline courses that focus on backing, stationary objects, vehicle safety systems and more to our ProDriver training that takes vehicle knowledge and driver skillsets to the highest level, we can customize a program that works best for you.
  2. We can bring our program to you. DriveTeam is based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with a state of the art, 12-acre Vehicle Dynamics Range. We can accommodate any size group, from individuals to large corporations, on our campus. However, we can also come to you! Our instructors travel throughout the country to help corporations learn the necessary skills to make them the most confident, safest drivers.
  3. Our hands-on training is second to none. Employees will experience real-life situations with our hands-on training programs. We offer full-day programs, half-day winter skills and cargo securement clinics, new vehicle and new employee training and much more.
  4. Get training and team building all in one. Looking for a unique event that brings employees closer while teaching them the skills they’ll use for a lifetime? We offer team building events as part of our corporate driver training that make learning life-saving tools and skillsets exciting and fun!
  5. We help keep costs low, your company run more efficiently and ensure employee safety. When employees are properly trained in safe driving techniques from DriveTeam, you’ll notice benefits like lower costs for car repairs and service, and you’ll also potentially save on car insurance premiums and reduce claims. Less crashes mean better productivity to keep your business running smoothly, while ensuring your employees are well-aware of safe driving techniques they previously may not have even known.

Experience the love today! Give your employees the hands-on experience they need to become safe, confident drivers with our comprehensive corporate driver training programs. Contact us for more information.