Corporate Driver TrainingAccording to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every five seconds a car crash occurs in the United States. The majority of these crashes happen during the busy workday on the commute to and from the workplace. For those employers who operate a fleet of vehicles, when employees are involved in crashes, the company will end up bearing the brunt of the cost of the accident and the injuries of the employee – through both medical bills and lost work time.

Not only are crashes costly, but they can harm your company’s reputation. The more accidents your employees are involved in, the more unsafe your company can look. Your image could become one that doesn’t care about employee safety and well-being, and you could potentially lose good employees.

By investing in a corporate driver training program, you’ll ensure that your company is protecting your employees as well as your business.

Corporate Driver Training Programs Benefit Your Company

A well-managed corporate driver training program can reduce motor vehicle crashes by 15 – 45%. When drivers are properly trained, they become more confident on the road, leading to less stress amongst employees.

Happier, less stressed out and safer employees on the road is one benefit of a corporate driver training program. Employees will feel safe working for your company and less turnover will occur. But there are plenty of other reasons to implement safe driver training classes for employees.

The average traffic accident costs around $21,000 and vehicle accidents are the number one cause of work-related deaths today. Costs to a corporation can rise to over $70,000 when you factor in employee medical bills. A fatal motor vehicle crash will cost a company well over $500,000.00.  The financial savings your company will experience due to the reduced number of accidents are a major advantage. If you’ve already calculating the losses your company has faced, whether it’s through financial loss or employee turnover, you know reducing accidents is a serious subject.

When drivers are properly trained, they also know how their vehicles operate. This will lead to not only employees driving more safely, but also can increase their productivity and the wear and tear on the vehicle. For example, a driver will learn how to properly brake to avoid skidding and potentially crashing.

It’s important to recognize that as a company, helping to prevent employee accidents lies in your hands.  The costs of implementing a corporate driver training program are minimal compared to the cost of even one crash.

Don’t wait until a severe accident occurs to implement a driver safety program at your company. Build a culture of safety at your corporation by contacting Drive Team today. Our Corporate Driver Training Programs will give your employees the hands-on experience they need to become safe, confident drivers. Contact us for more information.