Most individuals driving today believe they’re good drivers- it’s the other drivers that we need to worry about, right?  If this were true and we all practiced cautious driving, wouldn’t there be a lot less motor vehicle crashes?  Clearly, not everyone is driving as cautiously as they think they are.

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injury and death for people of all ages.  Many of these crashes occur during the workday and involve employees from companies both large and small.  Auto crashes – both on and off the job – can greatly affect employers.  Whether it’s time missed from work, or the financial costs associated with the crash, the affects can be widespread.  And unfortunately they can often affect a company’s bottom line. 

So what can company executives do to ensure their employees and drivers remain safe on the road?  The answer is simple: taking a proactive approach to driver training will provide an understanding of the proper techniques and how to handle potentially dangerous scenarios.     

How Corporate Driver Training Can Help Your Company

Requiring employees to go through a corporate driver training program before they are handed the keys to a company vehicle can offer your company several benefits, including:

Running your company more efficiently. Crashes can cost your company not only money, but also precious time.  Think about everyone involved when a crash occurs… Upper and Middle Management, Safety, the Administrative Team.  If a car in your fleet is damaged, it could take a while for it to get repaired. Injured employees will be out of work for an unknown amount of time, causing productivity to come to a halt. Fewer accidents equals less working time among employees lost. When drivers are taught safer methods, the amount of accidents can be reduced and your company will run more smoothly and efficiently.

Raising awareness of safe driving techniques not previously known. It’s important that all drivers know how to drive defensively, a technique they may previously have had little knowledge of.  Understanding how to properly use today’s technologically advanced vehicles is no easy task.  What is electronic stability control?  How does traction control work, and should I turn it off?  Does my vehicle have ABS brakes?  How about that new back-up camera that no one took the time explain.  How close does it really get me to what I’m backing toward?  Some of these may be questions you’ve asked yourself.  Learning how to drive in hazardous weather conditions, like fog and black ice, will help boost employee’s confidence when they’re out on road.

Keeping costs of repairs low. A damaged car can be expensive to fix- or even worse, when a car in your fleet needs to be completely totaled and a new one will need to be purchased. When drivers follow safe driving procedures, the amount of yearly crashes will decline. 

Save on fuel and service costs. Safer driving equals less wear and tear on vehicles, which means less time they’ll be in need of service. Plus, when an employee knows how to drive economically, your costs on fuel will be reduced as well.

Reduce insurance and/or legal claims. The more accidents that occur, the higher your insurance premiums will be. Premium costs are based on the amount of previous claims your company has had, so if you reduce the amount of accidents you’ll be able to maintain or potentially save money on insurance.  Did you know many insurance companies give both corporate and employee discounts for taking advanced driver training?  As far as legal claims, some employees could pursue legal action if they are injured on the job.

DriveTeam is here to help! Our Corporate Driver Training Programs will give your employees the hands-on experience they need to become safe, confident drivers. Contact us today for more information.